Andrew Garfield Teaming with ‘It Follows’ Director for Noir ‘Under the Silver Lake’!!


Folks are abuzz at the moment regarding the new Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War, but the most recent Peter Parker just landed and incredibly promising new gig. Per THR, Andrew Garfield is attached to star in the next film from director David Robert Mitchell, who broke out in a big way last year with the stellar horror pic It Follows. That in and of itself is reason to be excited, but hold on to your butts—it gets better. Penned by Mitchell, the project is called Under the Silver Lake and is described as a modern-day noir crime thriller set in Los Angeles. Indeed, David Robert Mitchell is making an L.A. noir with Andrew Garfield.

Production is aiming to begin at the end of the summer with Michael De Luca (The Social Network) producing alongside Chris Bender, Jake Weiner, and Adele Romanski. Further plot details are being kept under lock and key, and while the project isn’t yet set up at a studio, one imagines they’ll come a-calling given the level of talent involved here.

With It Follows, Mitchell proved incredibly adept at mastering tone and atmosphere, conjuring a uniquely cool sense of dread throughout the film’s runtime. The picture was a solid hit, growing its fanbase as it hit VOD, and if you haven’t yet seen it, I highly recommend checking it out.

As for Garfield, he remains one of the most exciting actors working today. He broke through with Boy A, Never Let Me Go, and of course The Social Network, but post-Amazing Spider-Man the actor has delved deeper into material that’s more challenging and significantly darker than the superhero blockbuster and its sequel. He starred in last year’s underrated 99 Homes, he leads Martin Scorsese’s 17th century-set spiritual drama Silence, which hopefully hits theaters later this year, and most recently wrapped the starring role in Mel Gibson’s latest directorial effort, the World War II film Hacksaw Ridge, in which he plays a contentious objector who ended up saving the lives of almost 100 men despite the fact that he refused to bear arms.

Garfield has had an impressive and fascinating trajectory thus far, and Under the Silver Lake certainly marks yet another promising project. With filming starting this year, here’s hoping we see this thing sometime in 2017.

via Collider

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