‘Gotham’ Season 3 Recasts Poison Ivy With ‘Ted 2’ Actress!!


The world of Gotham is changing. Old foes are rising as new faces join the fray, including Jamie Chung as Vicki Vale’s aunt, Valerie. More castings continue to be announced, and today brings word of one more: Clare Foley is out, and Maggie Geha is in as Poison Ivy.

Foley, known for roles in Southpaw and the Sinister movies, portrayed a younger version of Ivy Pepper, the red-headed girl destined to become the villain Poison Ivy. Uma Thurman memorably played her on the big screen in Batman & Robin, but in Gotham, the character’s origins will be tied to Indian Hill. And audiences will have to get used to yet another new face.

As we reported yesterday, Chung’s Valerie will be a new addition to the editorial team of the Gotham Gazelle who investigates Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) in the hopes of uncovering the truth about the shady research facility. According to a press release from Fox, Geha’s 19-year-old version of Ivy will have an encounter with a monster at Indian Hill that “finds herself reborn and one step closer to the DC villain she is destined to become.” The description also points out that she’ll set her sights (and her charms) on the young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz).

Elsewhere, Drew Powell, who plays newly minted head gangster Butch Gilzean, tweeted then deleted some spoilery information that the network was probably hoping to keep under wraps: the titles for the first two episodes of Gotham Season 3.

What is dead may never die on the Internet, so you can see the deleted image over at Screen Rant. It reveals the season will kick off with an episode called “Better to Reign in Hell…”, written by John Stephens and directed by Danny Cannon, who’s also helming the Ken Woodruff-penned episode that follows, “Burn the Witch.” Season 2 ended with Professor Hugo Strange (B.D. Wong) unleashing his meta-human test subjects on Gotham, further building anticipation for the aftermath of such an explosion.

Gotham Season 3 will premiere on Fox this September 18 at 8 p.m. EST.

via Collider

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