‘Jumanji’: Dwayne Johnson Reveals First Look at Nick Jonas in Costume!! Check It Out!!


Dwayne Johnson can’t resist promoting his movies on Instagram. Of course, it’s not like anyone is going to tell The Rock “No” when it comes to how he can promote his upcoming film, especially when he has 67 million followers on the social media platform.

The actor is currently shooting Jumanji in Hawaii, and he’s been happily sharing pics from the set. Today, he has ha new one featuring Nick Jonas. Johnson said of his co-star, “He’s gonna kill this role like I kill things with my bare hands,” although there’s currently no word yet on what Johnson murdered with his hands. He also pointed out that even though Jonas may be known for his singing, the one who sings the most on set is co-star Jack Black.

While plot details are still scarce, yesterday we got some new details about the story. The narrative will reportedly revolve around “four teens in detention who get sucked into the game, where they take on new ‘avatar’ forms to locate a jewel.” That explains why Karen Gillan’s character is sporting a Tomb Raider look while Johnson’s character, Dr. Bravestone, gets to rock an Indian Jones-like outfit. They’re playing archetypes, and I’m curious to see how Kasdan has fun with that.

Check out the full image of Johnson and Jonas below. Jumanji opens July 28, 2017, and also stars Kevin HartAlex WolffSer’Darius Blain, Madison Iseman, and Morgan Turner.

via Collider


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