Non Disney ‘Mulan’ Live-Action Movie Lands ‘Game of Thrones’ Director Alex Graves!!


While Disney continues its search for a director to helm its live-action Mulan film, the rival project from Sony is one step ahead: the studio has enlisted Game of Thrones director Alex Graves to get behind the camera.

Deadline was the first to report the news of Graves, who helmed a number of episodes of the HBO fantasy series in Seasons 3 and 4 — including the face-off episode “The Mountain and the Viper,” the Season 4 finale “The Children,” and “Breaker of Chains,” the episode that immediately followed Joffrey’s demise. Graves also worked on episodes of HomelandHouse of CardsBloodlineShameless, and the Taken series.

While Disney’s version is said to be a mixture of the animated film and the literary ballad, Sony’s Mulan is being targeted more towards an international audience. This one will certainly have a female lead, while Sony Pictures International Productions will be handling the project. Jason Keller wrote the script, which is funny considering how his Mirror, Mirror was being developed and released around the same time as Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman. Now he finds himself in a similar situation.

Disney previously approached Life of Pi director Ang Lee to helm their Mulan, but he turned them down. He explained in a later interview with The A.V. Club that he has his heart set on other projects, specifically the boxing movie Thrilla From Manilla, which he’s been trying to develop for some time. Elsewhere, this project came under fire when the blog Angry Asian Man published a post blasting a version of the script that saw the plot of Mulan completely refocused on a white, male lead with the heroine serving as a romantic interest. That has since been debunked as the project is going through rewrites.

Both projects will adapt the story of a young girl in Ancient China who enters the army disguised as a boy in order to protect her ailing father from the draft.

via Collider

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