‘Narcos’ Will Be Back With the 3rd Season on 1st September!!

It is a rare time that a gritty gangster crime drama is so well appreciated at an international level that every season it airs on Netflix generate is colossal buzz around the world. In past two seasons released so far, an American crime drama web television series Narcos, based on the real life stories of cocaine cartel in the South American territory, especially on in Colombia! And on September 1st, Netflix will unveil the 3rd season of Narcos and the trailer for it gives best hints of what is going to happen in the upcoming season of Narcos!

For the past two seasons, Narcos been painting the story of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, real life billionaire, who earned his wealth and fame through the production and distribution of cocaine, played by a Brazilian actor Wagner Moura. The story goes through Escobar’s interactions with drug lords, DEA agents, and various opposition entities. And the season 2 started with gritty rat-chase of Pablo Escobar and ended with the death of Pablo! But as they end it with the notion that, the war between DEA and drug cartel would still go on and now DEA will be tasked to end the Callie Drug cartel!

So far, both seasons were critically appreciated for its action, suspense, biographical storyline, and the grittiest storytelling makes it so compelling to watch! Although it was predicted that the viewership Narcos will drop considering the death of Pablo Escobar, considering the hype and excitement for the series, it all prompt season 3 to be a hit!


via BollywoodMDB

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