‘Here and Now’ Trailer Reveals ‘True Blood’ Creator Alan Ball’s New HBO Series!!!! Check It Out!!

HBO has released the first teaser trailer for the upcoming drama series Here and Now. The show marks the new effort from Six Feet Under and True Blood creator Alan Ball and is something of a family drama, albeit with a very Alan Ball twist. Oscar-winners Holly Hunter and Tim Robbins lead the show as parents of three adopted children and one biological daughter, all grown up. The logline says the family is “tested when one of them begins seeing things.”

We know pretty much nothing else, but this trailer is certainly tantalizing to say the least. Six Feet Under gets forgotten a bit when it comes to talking about the Second Golden Age of Television but it was right there with The Sopranos and The Wire, challenging the way in which stories are told on the small screen. It also happens to have one of the greatest series finales of all time.

And then True Blood was one of HBO’s biggest hits ever, paving the way for Game of Thrones by proving HBO subscribers would totally buy into a supernatural story if the characters and drama were solid. That show went a little off the rails in later seasons, but Ball remains an interesting storyteller so Here and Now comes with a serious degree of anticipation.

Check out the first teaser trailer below. The series also stars Sosie Bacon, Jerrika Hinton, Raymond Lee, and Daniel Zovatto and premieres on HBO in February.


via Collider

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