The First Teaser Trailer for ‘Stargate: Origins’ Looks Really Good!!! Check It Out!!!

If you didn’t have to look up who Catherine Langford was, congratulations! You’re a Stargate fan! For the rest of us, it’s worth mentioning that Catherine Langford, born in the 1920s, is the daughter of Professor Paul Langford, an archaeologist who discovered the mysterious Stargate device in Giza in 1928. Miss Langford then dedicated her life to studying the object and artifacts found with it, right up until 1994 (at least) when she was played by Viveca Lindfors in Roland Emmerich‘s titular movie.

Now, the new series Stargate: Origins is set to blast to the past and revisit Langford’s youthful journey to unlock the mysteries of the Stargate. Ellie Gall (Puberty Blues) will be playing the part this time around, alongside Connor TrinneerShvan Aladdin, and Philip Alexander, to name but a few. The fourth live-action series in the saga will arrive on MGM’s streaming service “Stargate Command” on February 15th. The first teaser trailer is available for your viewing pleasure now, and it’s got a delightful Indiana Jones meets Agent Carter vibe, which is just about perfect for the storytelling style the series is going for.

Check out the first Stargate: Origins teaser trailer below:

Premiering on Stargate Command, STARGATE ORIGINS explores the journey that sets a young Catherine Langford on the way to helping unlock the secrets of an ancient technology that could change the very course of humanity.

Little else is available on the series at the moment, except for this first tease and its release date, but we’re sure that’s going to change in the months ahead.


via Collider

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