Warner Bros. Taps ‘Hunger Games’ Writer to Pen ‘Logan’s Run’ for Director Simon Kinberg!!!

Warner Bros. looks like it’s gearing up to take on Logan’s Run again. After numerous false starts on reboots (at one point, Nicolas Winding Refn was going to remake the sci-fi film), Deadline reports that the studio has now tapped Peter Craig (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay) to write the script for director Simon Kinberg, who boarded the project back in 2015. Craig appears to be a fitting choice since Kinberg said at the time that they were looking at Logan’s Run as a “Hunger Games-esque franchise.”

For those who are unfamiliar with the 1976 sci-fi movie, it takes place in a world where people are killed when they turn 30 in order to maintain equilibrium in society. The story follows Logan 5 (Michael York), a Sandman (state police) who goes after runners (people who decided “Hey, I think I might want to do things after I turn 30 rather than engage in ritual suicide) until he becomes a runner himself. It’s a movie that could certainly stand for an update since the general premise (ageism) is still worth exploring.

It will be interesting to see if this iteration of the movie is the one that finally comes together. Kinberg is currently at work on X-Men: Dark Phoenix, which will be his official feature debut although he’s been in Hollywood for a while as a writer and producer, plus he did uncredited direction on the reshoots for Fantastic Four. As for Craig, he recently adapted the YA novel S.T.A.G.S. for 20th Century Fox and he’s also writing the screenplay  for Top Gun 2. Deadline adds that Kinberg is currently writing a Star Wars movie, but that may be old info. At one point, he was working on the script for the Boba Fett spinoff Josh Trank would direct, but that project appears to have fallen into limbo after Trank was fired following the fallout over Fantastic Four.


via Collider

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