Director Ahmed Khan to Start Post Production on ‘Baaghi 3’ From Next Month!!!!

The high octane action thriller, Baaghi 2, which released on Friday, will have its sequel in no time. Ahmed Khan, who made his directorial debut with Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani starrer, has been roped in to helm the third installment of the franchise as well. The choreographer turned director says he will start working on Baaghi 3 from next month itself. “We will begin the work on it in full swing from next month. The scripting will take some time and designing the action, too, will take time, as we have to take it several notches higher. It all depends on how and when the script shapes up and what action I can think of and come up with, and what Sajid Nadiadwala approves. Baaghi 3 should look better,” Khan told PTI.

Baaghi 2 is a sequel to the 2016’s film of the same name and the original film witnessed a great start from day 1 itself. The only concern that Ahmed had while making Baaghi 2 was whether he would be able to have a great opening – as good as the first one.

“The first one had opened at Rs 12 crore, that was the only fear. For us, the trailer of the second part has worked well. The only reason for me to do the film was Sajid Nadiadwala, Tiger Shroff and action,” says Khan.

With Baaghi 3, Ahmed feels sequels are a better bet for directors as well as producers as audiences find a sequel a better watch than a solo, standalone film.


via BollywoodMDB

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