HBO’s ‘Watchmen’ Set Photos Reveal Spoilers About An Original Character!!! Check It Out!!

Leaked set images from Damon Lindelof’s HBO adaptation of Watchmen reveal the fate of a main character of the original comic book.

We’ve previously reported on multiple leaked set images featuring new characters not previously seen in the original story by Alan Moore, and while Lindelof has already confirmed to fans that his Watchman series will not be a direct adaptation of the comic book, further details have been far and between. Recently leaked set images, however, have allowed us to infer multiple plot details regarding the series including where it stands chronologically in regards to the story and confirm the fate of one of the Watchmen.

First off are set images decorated with multiple signs advertising shelters. A crude drawing of a one-eyed squid is featured on these street signs. This, of course, is in reference to climax of the comic book, in which Ozymandias unleashes an enormous squid monster in New York City. This differs greatly from Zack Snyder’s adaptation in which the monster is replaced by attacks of energy which are then implied to come from Doctor Manhattan.

The set images confirm one thing: at least part — if not all — of the Watchmen series will chronologically take place after the attack in New York. Furthermore, it confirms that the series will be building off the comic book’s canon and may ignore the Snyder-helmed film entirely. It appears that America will be fearing further alien attacks in the series and have adapted Cold War nuclear shelters into alien shelters.

Set images also include a newspaper with a headline stating “Boise Squid Shower Destroys Homeless Camp, Kills 2.” Further confirming the existence of the presumed-alien attack in New York. It also appears that similar instances have occurred since, explaining the existence of the shelters. Also included in the newspaper are other normal-sounding headlines which carry implications. “NASA vote passes Senate” reflects the current fear of otherworldly beings in the United States as Americans adapt to the new status quo.

Speaking of which, images of police cars also display a new iteration of the American flag. Featuring a large star circled by others, the new American flag is in many ways nostalgic of Moore’s original comic book which contrasted the powered heroics and science fiction elements we traditionally see with superheroes in comic books with mundane — and frankly, pessimistic — qualities we normally see in real life.

The crowning jewel of the newspaper articles, however, is highlighted on the front page. “Veidt Officially Declared Dead” is plastered as the main headline confirming the death of the aforementioned presumed-villain Ozymandias. Last seen basking in self-doubt after sharing words with Doctor Manhattan, it appears that Adrian Veidt may have continued his attacks of alien terror but is now dead — at least, as far as the American public is concerned.

HBO’s Watchmen is currently in production and is being developed by Damon Lindelof. The cast of the series includes Regina King, Don Johnson, Tim Blake Nelson, Louis Gossett Jr., Adelaide Clemens, and Andrew Howard.


via Heroic Hollywood

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