‘The Walking Dead’ Season 9: New Trailer Teases Rick’s Final Stand!!! Check It Out!!

AMC has released the first The Walking Dead Season 9 trailer, teasing the highly anticipated upcoming season of the hit zombie drama series. While each season of The Walking Dead is reason for celebration for the show’s fans, this one in particular has folks intrigued. For one, it’s the first season under new show runner Angela Kang, who takes over for Scott M. Gimple who had been running the series since the back half of Season 3. While this is the fourth new showrunner in the show’s entire run, Gimple steered the show for the bulk of its run thus far, so fans are curious to see what Kang brings to the table.

The other reason The Walking Dead Season 9 is of increased interest is the departure of its star Andrew Lincoln. We at Collider first broke the news that Lincoln is leaving the series during Season 9, and the actor is only expected to appear in a handful of episodes before departing the show for good. Also on the outs is Lauren Cohan‘s Maggie, who’s expected to leave the series during Season 9 as well. That leaves room for Norman Reedus‘ Daryl to step up as the lead of the series going forward, so indeed Season 9 looks to bring the most amount of change to The Walking Dead yet.

Check out The Walking Dead Season 9 trailer below. The series also stars Danai GuriraMelissa McBride, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The new season premieres in October on AMC.

New world. New rules. The Walking Dead returns for Season 9 on Sunday, October 7 at 9/8c. International fans, click here! https://goo.gl/ZV1cMP

Despite the fact that Lincoln himself confirmed his exit from the series during the panel, this early look at Season 9 offers up some compelling reasons to tune in. The Walking Dead looks to be done with the turf war and is now moving on to trying to rebuild. That’s easier said than done, especially as Rick and his followers are attempting to merge the colonists and the Saviors into one cohesive community. But nothing on this show ever goes smoothly, so you can expect full-on head-crushing, flesh-biting violence when the show returns this fall.


via Collider

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