Marvel Rumored To Be Developing A ‘Captain Britain And the Black Knight’ Movie With Guy Ritchie!!!

Now, you’ll most likely want to have your pinch of salt ready, but according to Aint It Cool News, Marvel Studios is teaming up with director Guy Ritchie for a Captain Britain movie.

According to the site’s report, Marvel Studios has booked space at Pinewood Studios in November and December to hold auditions for the project, which is apparently going by the title Captain Britain and the Black Knight. It goes on to suggest that Marvel is looking to move quickly on the film, taking advantage of the space left behind at the production studio following Danny Boyle’s exit from Bond 25.

Intended originally for the British comic book market and making his debut in 1976’s Captain Britain Weekly, Captain Britain is the alter-ego of Brian Braddock, a young man granted superpowers by the wizard Merlyn after a near-fatal motorcycle accident.

A number of characters have adopted the moniker of the Black Knight, most notably Dane Whitman, a descendant of the original 6th century Black Knight, who has served as a member of the Avengers, as well as the likes of the Defenders, Heroes For Hire and MI: 13.

Now, while the source isn’t the most reliable – and it seems strange that Marvel could get to the point of booking studio space for a project without the trades getting wind – it should be noted that Marvel StudiosKevin Feige has admitted that there have been talks about a Captain Britain movie in the past. And with Guy Ritchie currently hard at work on the live-action Aladdin, he’s already part of the Disney family.


via Flickering Myth

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