‘Batwoman’: First Image Reveals Ruby Rose as the Kick Ass Female Caped Crusader!!! Check It Out!!

There is a new caped crusader on the scene, and that would be The CW’s Batwoman. Ruby Rose will play the heroine Kate Kane, who is getting her own series next year after an introduction during the Arrowverse’s “Elseworlds” crossover event (that will see The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl teaming up and fighting crime in Gotham City).

The reveal of Kate Kane’s new suit coincides with the crossover starting production today in Vancouver. That new suit, by the way, was created by award-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood, and feels in line with the style of Thunder’s suit on Black Lightning more than other female fight garb in the Arrowverse (which, at least for the Canaries, tend to feature a ton of cleavage — although the hair is all Canary). Here a red bat symbol is serving as a sort of breastplate, one that matches Batwoman’s crimson hair (that also — and this might be my favorite detail — is reflected at the bottom of her cape and in accents around her boots):


Image via The CW

As we reported last month, the crossover’s title, “Elseworlds,” is a nod to a set of classic DC titles that tend to happen outside of the main storyline (like Gotham by Gaslight or Kingdom Come). The crossover is also scrambling up the regularly scheduled programming by swapping around the dates these series usually air — Flash will take over Supergirl‘s Sunday slot to kick things off, moving on to Arrow on Monday, and then Supergirl on Tuesday.

The Flash returns to The CW tonight, followed by Supergirl and Arrow next Sunday and Monday respectively.


via Collider

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