‘Killing Eve’ Season 2 Trailer Teases New Twists!! Check It Out!!

Season 2 of Killing Eve picks up 30 seconds after the finale of Season 1, as we see Eve (Sandra Oh) reeling from the consequences of stabbing Villanelle, and the flamboyant assassin herself (Jodie Comer) making a painful escape. BBC America’s first trailer for the upcoming season shows Villanelle struggling to escape with her life, in some really terrible fashion (which, for her, is basically akin to death). And even though Phoebe Waller-Bridge has handed off writing duties to her long-time friend and fellow creative Emerald Fennell, the show seems like it hasn’t missed a beat — it’s still weird, funny, clever, and very much into the obsession between its two leads.

During the Killing Eve panel at this year’s Television Critics Association press conference, the cast and Fennell gave us a few hints about the new season (which we were able to see the first two episode of), as well as explaining the ongoing dynamic between Eve and Villanelle. We’ll have more of that for you as the premiere draws closer, but suffice to say that if you loved Season 1, so far, Season 2 seems like it will be more of the same greatness (thanks also to its absolutely stellar cast). One thing I did not get clarification on was if I should be afraid for the precious Niko, though — when I asked a question about him, Sandra Oh only smiled …

Check out the trailer below for Killing Eve Season 2, which also stars Fiona Shaw, Darren Boyd, and Owen McDonnell, and premieres Sunday, April 7 on both BBC America and AMC.

via Collider

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