‘Batwoman’: Batman won’t appear in The CW Series!!

The CW may be venturing to Gotham City this year for its Batwoman pilot, but don’t expect to see an appearance from Batman, even if the Ruby Rose-headlined Arrowverse spinoff makes it to series.

The show will follow on from Batwoman’s debut in last year’s Elseworlds crossover, where it was stated that Batman had abandoned Gotham three years earlier, and executive producer Sarah Schechter has confirmed to The Wrap that The Dark Knight “remains off-limits for the foreseeable future”.

“It’s a post-Batman Gotham,” states Schechter. “Batman is missing. What does that do when your heroes are gone and who steps into that void? What’s great about the restriction of just focusing on Batwoman is that we have to build a world for our character. It’s a character that people don’t really know… The Gotham we talk about [in Batwoman] kind of reminds me of Johannesburg during apartheid. There’s a real difference between those that have and those that don’t.”

The news shouldn’t be too surprising, as Warner Bros. and DC have been notoriously restrictive when it comes to allowing Batman to appear on the small screen (although he will make a rare TV appearance in the finale of Gotham).


via Flickering Myth

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