‘Swamp Thing’: Production Abruptly Halted as Future of DC Universe into Doubt!!

The DC Universe series have been chugging along with shows like Titans and Doom Patrol, but production upheaval on the set of Swamp Thing may mean some major changes for the streaming service. A local outlet in North Carolina [via The Playlist], where the show is filming, reports that production was suddenly halted after only 10 episodes. The plan is now to re-write the final episode to provide a satisfying conclusion instead of sticking to the original plan to carry the story across thirteen episodes.

As the streaming wars heat up, it’s becoming clear that not every streaming service is going to make it. Yes, DC Universe has a large backlog of animated series and select movies, but among its original titles, you really only had Titans and Doom Patrol, and while those shows had their fans, that’s not enough to keep plugging away at original content in the hopes of building a subscriber base that’s being asked to make some tough decisions about subscriptions. DC Universe had to make the case that it was worth $8/month or $75/year (depending on your subscription option), and it looks like it’s struggling to make the argument. If Swamp Thing can’t even make it to its first full season order, what does that mean for other shows in the pipeline?

It’s possible that this could just be isolated to Swamp Thing and that higher-ups are unhappy with what they’ve seen so far and they’re cutting their losses. Either way, it’s certainly a bummer for fans of Swamp Thing, since an abbreviated first season means a second season is highly unlikely unless the show becomes a surprise sensation.

If DC Universe does fade, it will be interesting to see what Warner Bros. does with it. Will they try to fold it into a subscription with the DC Comics subscription? Will the shows end up on WB’s upcoming streaming service? The studio certainly has options, and perhaps an isolated genre channel meant just for their superhero properties was a bit of overreach.

Swamp Thing is executive produced by James Wan and stars Andy Bean, Crystal Reed, Virginia Madsen, Jennifer Beals, Will Patton, Derek Mears, Ian Ziering, Henderson Wade, and Kevin Durand.


via Collider

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