‘Game of Thrones’: New Images Preview the Battle of Winterfell!! Check It Out!!

After a very nice (perhaps too nice) lead-up to the fabled Battle of Winterfell, Game of Thrones is ready to absolutely break our hearts and probably kill most of its characters in this third episode. The series has been building up to the Night King’s arrival since the very first scene of the show, so we know that this will be an epic clash regardless of the specific outcome. There is really no way to predict what might come in this battle, who will actually die or what it will mean for the rest of Westeros and the Iron Throne (will one still exist in the end?) But judging from the wealth of “oh shit..!!” faces in the images released today, it will indeed be one for the ages (both ours and Westeros’).

These images are both quiet and loud — Jon and Dany quietly survey the land, while Jaime, Brienne, and Sansa are absolutely looking panicked (and I mean, as well they should be). Varys and Tyrion are contemplative in the crypts, which is likely one of the worst places they could be, while Jon is looking positively overwhelmed in another image (but again I say, as well he should be). Our heroes didn’t seem to take the reality of an undead dragon as being one they specifically needed to deal with going into this battle, which feels like a mistake, so some of that fear could be in regards to that. But also, there’s an army of the dead that is thousands upon thousands large, and only grows which each kill. I am not looking forward to our faves becoming White Walkers, and yet you just know they will.

Without further ado …


Image via HBO


Image via HBO


Image via HBO


Image via HBO

Image via HBO


Image via HBO


via Collider

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