Ray Fisher Thinks His ‘Cyborg’ Will Return to the DCEU!!!

Ray Fisher, the actor behind DC’s big screen Cyborg, doesn’t think he has seen the last of the DCEU.

The DCEU has changed quite dramatically over recent times, especially since the days of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. While DC certainly seems to be going in a new direction, even rebooting characters like Batman, does this mean the current version of Cyborg is dead in the water?

Well, actor Ray Fisher doesn’t think so, telling a panel at Celebrity Fan Fest that he thinks his Cyborg could come back but admits that this is a decision way above his pay grade.

Fisher said: “I don’t think my time is over yet. That remains to be seen … there are a lot of decisions that are above my pay grade in regards to where these characters are going.”

You see the original tweets with Fisher’s comments below:

It seems like almost anything is possible in the DCEU so who knows, perhaps Fisher is right and his Cyborg will make a triumphant return. However, it seems safe to say at this point that the long-planned Cyborg solo movie – originally slated for release in 2020 – isn’t on the cards at any time in the immediate future.


via Flickering Myth

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