‘Enola Holmes’: Sam Claflin Joins Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby Brown!!

The cast of Enola Holmes is getting bigger by the day. On Monday, Deadline confirmed Hunger Games and Pirates of the Caribbean alum Sam Claflin would be joining the cast.

Based on Nancy Springer‘s book series of the same name, the Enola Holmes series follows the teenage sister of the famed Sherlock Holmes and his brother, Mycroft. Enola may be younger than her famed brothers but she has all of their talents (and more), putting them to good use as the Victorian answer to Nancy Drew, solving mysteries that come her way. Millie Bobby Brown was confirmed to play the titular Enola Holmes, with Helena Bonham Carter playing Enola’s mother and Henry Cavill playing Sherlock Holmes (question: Will the Cavill ‘stache return?). Adeel Akhtar and Killing Eve star Fiona Shaw have also signed on but no character information is known at this time.

Speaking of character information, details on Claflin’s role haven’t been made public — yet. It’s possibly Claflin could be playing Mycroft Holmes since that role is, to our knowledge, still uncast. There’s also the possibility Claflin has signed on to play the antagonist or some other character in what is no doubt a colorful cast. Given that Claflin’s credits include roles in Love, RosieAdriftThe Riot Club, and The Nightingale, it’s easy to imagine him playing the good guy or the villain.

With the promise of a new film franchise on the horizon, this first Enola Holmes film with be directed by Harry Bradbeer. It will likely serve as an origin story of sorts, beginning with the disappearance of Enola’s mother on her fourteenth birthday. Enola springs into action, choosing to set off to find out what happened to her mother, even when her older brothers send her off to boarding school. Watch out, Holmes brothers: your sister is ready to out-sleuth you both.


via Collider

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