‘Snowpiercer’: First Look Reveals the TV Series Adaption!! Check It Out!!

TBS has released the first images from their upcoming TV series adaptation of Snowpiercer. Created by Graeme Manson (Orphan Black), the upcoming series stars Daveed Diggs as Andrew Layton, an ex-detective who’s recruited by the train’s authorities to track down a killer. “Layton is a resident of the tail, which is the lowest class all the way at the back of the train,” Diggs tells EW. “But he becomes useful for people uptrain.”

Director James Hawes (Black Mirror) doesn’t want to classify Snowpiercer as a “political show”, but does note, “It is adventure storytelling. But it obviously touches on a lot of themes from the news.” I assume they want to stay away from the label “political” because there’s a subset of people who don’t understand that all art is political and if you do anything to remind them of the real world in their escapist entertainment, they’ll screech to “keep politics out of it.”

Jennifer Connelly co-stars as Melanie Cavill, “the head of hospitality who is also, ‘the voice of the train, she does the announcements to all of the passengers,’ says the actress. There are no details beyond that, but you can see from these images that she’s one of the better-off people on the train, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she turns out to be a primary antagonist.

I’m still approaching Snowpiercer with a lot of trepidation. The 2014 movie was something director Bong Joon-ho really had to fight for, and he made that dark vision a reality. It looks like TBS wants that veneer of prestige television, but are they really going to push their audience to some uncomfortable places? Or is this going to be a simple, “The rich exploit the poor, and also there’s a murder mystery”? We’ll find out when Snowpiercer premieres in spring 2020.

Check out the first images from Snowpiercer below.


Image via TBS


Daveed Diggs (as Andre Layton) and Sheila Vand (as Zarah Ferami)


Image via TBS


via Collider

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