‘Penguin Bloom’: Andrew Lincoln Joins Naomi Watts in Family Drama!!

Before he reprises the role of Rick Grimes for The Walking Dead movie (which, as revealed at Comic-Con, is now a theatrical release), Andrew Lincoln is set to star alongside Naomi Watts in the family drama Penguin Bloom.

Based on the bestselling book by Bradley Trevor Greive and Cameron Bloom, the film will tell the true story of the Blooms, an everyday family whose lives were turned upside down when the mother (Watts) is left paralyzed following a near-fatal accident. As the family learn to adjust to their new situation, an unlikely ally enters lives in the form of an injured Magpie chick which the Bloom family calls ‘Penguin’.

“We were all captivated by this heart-warming story of resilience, the power of family and hope,” said the film’s producing team, which includes Watts, Emma Cooper, Bruna Papandrea, Jodi Matterson and Steve Hutensky. “We’re thrilled to have the supremely talented Andrew Lincoln on board to bring the Bloom’s story to audiences around the world.”

Penguin Bloom is being directed by Glendyn Ivin (Gallipoli, The Cry) from a script by Shaun Grant (Berlin Syndrome).


via Flickering Myth

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