‘Watchmen’ Episode 3 Trailer Teases the Arrival of Silk Spectre!! Check It Out!!

Can’t wait until next week’s episode of HBO’s Watchmen? Well, you’re in luck, because a new promo video is here to give you an early look. In Sunday’s new episode, “She Was Killed by Space Junk”, FBI agent Laurie Blake (Jean Smart) heads to Tulsa to take over the recent murder investigation from local authorities while The Lord of The Manor (Jeremy Irons) apparently receives a missive that spurs him into action as well. You can see the various pieces of the puzzle shifting around in this new teaser. How they all end up working together–or against each other–is anyone’s guess.

But we’ve got plenty more Watchmen content to sate your curiosity, or feed it, depending on how hungry you are for more masked mystery. For example, the man in the wheelchair may be more than he’s letting on, but even with some of those reveals in Episode 2, we still have a lot of questions. Plus, we have some insider insight from director Nicole Kassell, along with an in-depth and continuing breakdown of all the viral material available at the Watchmen website. We’ve only got seven episodes to go, so get your theories in while you can.

Get a look at next week’s episode of HBO’s Watchmen:

Are you ready to venture into the great beyond? New episodes of Watchmen premiere Sundays at 9PM on HBO. #HBO #WatchmenHBO

Watchmen is based on the graphic novel co-created and illustrated by Dave Gibbons and published by DC.


via Collider

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