‘Road to Roma’: Making of the Alfonso Cuarón’s Film Is Streaming on Netflix!!

Alfonso Cuarón‘s Roma was a huge watershed for Netflix. The black-and-white film was celebrated across the globe, earning Netflix awards and Oscars out the wazoo, and even making the leap to physical media by being chosen as part of the esteemed Criterion Collection. Now, one of the Criterion bonus features has made its way back to Netflix: A documentary, more than an hour in length, called Road to Roma, is now streaming on the service.

The documentary, directed by Andres Clariond and Gabriel Nuncio (Territorio) is of particular interest as it promises a highly personal look at Cuarón’s choices from soup to nuts. The film is both intimate in its personal purview and epic in its filmmaking construction — and to watch Cuarón delve into it all makes for fascinating footage. In one instance, Cuarón realizes just how traumatic a scene he just filmed is — a scene depicting his actual father leaving his actual family — and how he found the process bizarrely therapeutic, causing him to feel empathy for someone he felt only anger for previously. Also — you see tons of Roma footage in beautiful color, which is wild!

Check out Road to Roma on Netflix now for an engaging look at the filmmaking process. Also — consider buying Roma on Criterion, as they’re having a flash sale today. And if you’re into this Netflix making-of, here’s one about The Irishman.


via Collider

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