‘The Woman In The Window’: Upcoming Thriller Gets a New Poster!! Check It Out!!

Oscar nominee Amy Adams begins to doubt reality in this summer’s psychological thriller The Woman In The Window. A new poster has arrived for the A.J. Finn adaptation, teasing the madness that begins to infect the life of Adams‘ child psychologist character, Dr. Anna Fox.

Amy Adams The Woman In The Window movie poster

Fox is a noted therapist confined to her New York home via debilitating agoraphobia. However, when she suspects her neighbor opposite of murdering his wife, she starts to doubt her sanity. Has a crime occurred, or has Fox simply been shut away for too long?

So far, so Hitchcock, and Darkest Hour director Joe Wright has assembled an all-star cast. This includes Gary Oldman, who won an Oscar for Darkest Hour with his portrayal of Winston Churchill, Still Alice‘s Julianne Moore and WidowsBryan Tyree Henry. It’s the kind of paranoid thriller that might have you scoping out those living nearest to you. (We wouldn’t recommend you do this, however.)

Oscar-nominated actor, playwright and screenwriter Tracy Letts (Killer Joe; Lady Bird; Ford vs. Ferrari) adapts Finn‘s novel, and the movie is released on the 15th of May.


via CineWorld

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