‘Hunters’ Creator David Weil Says He Has Five Seasons Planned Out!!!

When it comes to Hunters Season 2, there’s plenty more where that first season came from. The Amazon Prime Video original series launched in February with significant buzz for its story of Nazi hunters working together to track down Nazis living in 1970s America. A cast anchored by Al Pacino also certainly helped matters, and as fans are now finishing up the twist-filled first season, many are no doubt wondering if Hunters Season 2 is a possibility.

While Amazon hasn’t officially announced a second season for the series, it seems very likely—and creator/showrunner David Weil already knows where the story goes well beyond Season 2. Collider recently spoke with Weil about his work on the series, and he revealed that he has at least five seasons worth of story mapped out in his head:

“I have five seasons in my brain, so if Amazon is kind enough to let me keep going, I have at least five seasons worth of material.”

Going further, Weil even knows what the final scene of the show would be, in addition to having substantial ideas for Season 2:

“I do know what the end scene of the series is and what that final season would be. And I have a lot of thoughts about Season 2 and a lot of detail there. There’s a lot of detail, and a lot of different ideas. And yes, I definitely know what the actual final moment would be.”

Amazon made a significant marketing push for Hunters, which included a noteworthy Super Bowl spot, and it appears that increased visibility paid off. While streaming numbers are not made available, buzz for the show has been high as people have been vociferously chattering about “that Al Pacino Nazi hunter TV show.”

As for where the story goes from here after that jaw-dropping finale, well this is your official spoiler warning for the first season of Hunters.

But yeah, it does not appear as though Pacino will be a part of a Hunters Season 2 and beyond given that he was killed in the finale, although there exists the possibility that he could return for flashbacks. We—and Logan Lerman’s Jonah—learned in the Season 1 finale that Pacino’s character is not, in fact, Meyer Offerman. He’s actually The Wolf, the Nazi doctor responsible for so much of Ruth Heidelbaum’s (Jeannie Berlin) pain. He killed the real Meyer Offerman in 1945 and assumed his identity, and claims that living as a Jew made him feel guilty and grow a conscience. Hence all the Nazi hunting.

The finale set up a Hunters Season 2 set in Europe, as the remaining members of the Hunters—Jonah, Lonny (Josh Radnor), Roxy (Tiffany Boone), and Harriet (Kate Mulvany)—received a dossier from Harriet pointing towards Nazis living across the pond, and they discussed relocating.

It’ll be interesting to see if there’s a time jump involved, and what new characters will undoubtedly be added to the mix. Oh, and of course the show has to deliver on that final twist—that Adolf Hitler is still alive and living in Argentina with “The Colonel” aka Eva Braun (Lena Olin), holding Joe (Louis Ozawa) as their captor.

So will Hunters Season 2 happen? Almost certainly. And the show’s creator is well prepared to continue telling this story for at least four more seasons. Which is no doubt welcome news to fans of the show.


via Collider

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