‘Peninsula’: First Official Posters Reveals the ‘Train to Busan’ Sequel!! Check Them Out!!

We are a step closer to finding out what happened after the bittersweet ending to “Train to Busan.”

The hit zombie film’s sequel, “Peninsula,” has unveiled its first official posters, confirming its release summer this year.

The posters state that the sequel is set four years after the harrowing events of “Train to Busan.”

A mass of dreaded zombies could be seen still very much alive while two characters wait fearfully behind an abandoned vehicle.

The first film, “Train to Busan,” follows the story of Seok Woo (Gong Yoo) and his daughter, who board a train to Busan. However, instead of a peaceful transit, the two are faced with the eruption of a zombie outbreak in South Korea.

The sequel film will be directed yet again by Yeon Sang Ho and will star the returning cast members Kang Dong Won, Lee Jung Jyun, Kwon Hae Hyo, Kim Min Jae, Go Kyo Hwan, Kim Do Yoon, Lee Re, and Lee Ye Won.

The sequel will premiere this 2020, four years after “Train to Busan” hit theaters.


via GMA Network

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