‘The Lost Boys’: The CW Pilot Casts New Lead Characters!!

The Lost Boys is one of the horror genre’s most beloved vampire movies. The iconic flick has spawned several sequels and comics, now the time has come for a television series. The CW previously produced a pilot for a The Lost Boys TV series which ultimately was passed by the network. But they were still persistent enough to develop a second The Lost Boys TV series pilot with a completely new cast and story, the details of which are posted down below.

Thanks to Deadline, we now know that Branden Cook, Lincoln Younes, and Ruby Cruz will star in the series. They also gave out a variety of new story and plot details. As they’ve reported:

  • “Cook plays Garrett, the older of the two brothers who have moved with their mom to the North Carolina seaside community. He is a version of the Michael character in the movie, which was played by Jason Patric.
  • Younes plays Benjamin, the charismatic leader of the gang of vampires in the town. It is a version of the David character played in the movie by Kiefer Sutherland.
  • Cruz plays Elsie, a version of Jami Gertz’s character Star in the movie, who sparks with the new guy in town, Garrett.”

It’s definitely interesting to see they’re still going for an attempt at a loose remake with this series. However, it seems unfortunate that they continue to disregard the canon of the original film. After all, fans tend to cherish that movie and its characters which are easily rich enough to carry a series with their own original interpretations. A Frog Brothers TV series, anyone? Now that would have my support in a heartbeat.Of course, we’ll just have to see how this new series pilot goes and how exactly a location switch from California to North Carolina and new character names will effect this series.The new attempt at a The Lost Boys TV series was written by Heather Mitchell & Rob Thomas and the plan is that it will be directed by Marcos Siega.


via Screen Geek

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