‘The Batman’: Twins Max and Charlie Carver Join In Mystery Roles!!

The cast list for The Batman has expanded once again – this time adding twins Max and Charlie Carver in mystery roles. Directed and co-written by Matt Reeves, the hotly anticipated DCEU outing will take The Caped Crusader back to his younger days. Though eschewing the well-worn origin story, it will still feature Bruce Wayne not quite yet having become the World’s Greatest Detective. Taking over from Ben Affleck, who last played the part in Justice League, it was announced earlier in the year that Robert Pattinson would play Bruce Wayne. The Batman will reportedly be based on The Long Halloween storyline, and, as such, will feature a whole host of supporting characters and villains.

A number of those roles have been officially cast over the last few months. Amid much praise from fans, Zoe Kravitz was announced to be playing Catwoman. The role of Commissioner Gordon will be played by Westworld‘s Jeffrey Wright. For a time, it appeared that Jonah Hill would portray a principal villain. Ultimately, however, Paul Dano landed the part of The Riddler and Colin Farrell was confirmed to be playing The Penguin. Bruce Wayne’s trusted butler and ally, Alfred Pennyworth, meanwhile, will be played by Andy Serkis. Though an appearance from Robin has been seemingly debunked, there’ll no doubt be many casting revelations for fans to look forward to and speculate over in the coming months.

According to the folks over at AV Club, fans have officially received two for the price of one on that front – with the Carver twins signing on. Max and Charlie have worked side-by-side extensively over the years, starring together in such notable series as Desperate Housewives and The Leftovers. They are probably best known, however, for their turns as redeemed rival werewolves Aiden and Ethan on Teen Wolf. They have also worked separately in recent years. Max recently starred in Fist Fight and a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Charlie, meanwhile, has filmed multiple episodes of Ryan Murphy‘s upcoming series Ratched and will feature in The Boys in the Band. As such, The Batman will mark their first cinematic work together since 2018.

Filming on The Batman has been underway in the U.K. for the past month – with a wealth of photos and videos emerging from the set. One such video offered a full look at the Batman costume and Batcycle being used as a chase sequence was filmed in a cemetery. What it all means in terms of the film’s plot, however, has remained largely under wraps. The same goes for the casting of the film. Though Peter Sarsgaard was listed as playing D.A. Gil Colson, many still theorize that he will emerge as Harvey Dent (aka. Two-Face).

That same kind of fervent speculation will no doubt emerge in response to this latest casting. There are, of course, a number of twins within the DC comics universe. The first thought of many will no doubt be a half-gender-swapped version of the Wonder Twins. Especially since their Teen Wolf characters had unique powers activated by contact with each other. It’s unlikely, however, that past DCEU mistakes will be repeated and that level of worldbuilding will be shoehorned in. Given that the new take will be a more street-level affair, the Trigger Twins are a much more natural option. Equally, if Two-Face does end up playing a role in The Batman, they could also easily play his infamous henchman Max and Min.


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