‘The Angry Birds’ Head to Netflix with New Animated Series!!

The Angry Birds franchise is expanding once more with a new Netflix animated series, Angry Birds: Summer Madness. Word of a new Angry Birds series arrives less than a year after The Angry Birds Movie 2 premiered in theaters back in August 2019.

Thanks to Netflix, we know a ton of fun details about the Angry Birds: Summer Madness animated series. The series revolves around the central, beloved trio of birds Red, Bomb, and Chuck, who are voiced in the Angry Birds movies by Jason SudeikisDanny McBride, and Josh Gad, respectively. The Angry Birds: Summer Madness plot follows the trio “as well as a cast of brand new feathered friends, as tween birds at summer camp under the questionable guidance of their counselor Mighty Eagle. Explosive antics, improbable pranks and crazy summertime adventures see the birds pushing boundaries and breaking all the rules while fending off the brash and obnoxious Pigs on the other side of the lake, who seem hell-bent on causing as much mayhem as possible.”

Netflix is collaborating with CAKE in partnership with Rovio Entertainment for Angry Birds: Summer Madness. The 40×11-minute series is set to arrive in 2021. At this point, it’s unclear if Sudeikis, McBride, and Gad would reprise their Angry Birds Movie characters or if new actors will be sourced for the series. Even if we don’t know who will be voicing the titular Angry Birds, Netflix did tease the series with a new image, which previews a while new style of animation for the Angry Birds world.

Angry Birds: Summer Madness is set to hit Netflix in 2021.


via Collider

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