‘The Office’: John Krasinski Interviews Steve Carell for 15th Anniversary!! Check It Out!!

A double-whammy of Wholesome Content coming your way right now, as writer/director/actor John Krasinski has launched a new YouTube series called “Some Good News,” in which he highlights only good news. And on top of that, the first episode features a video interview between Krasinski and Steve Carell about The Office, timed to the iconic sitcom’s 15th anniversary. What could possibly be more feel-good than that?

The interview is far too short but enjoyable all the same, as Krasinski and Carell reminisce about a now-iconic blooper from the “Dinner Party” episode and discuss the cast’s camaraderie on set. As for the prospect of a reboot, Krasinski says he wouldn’t be opposed to the idea but mainly just wants to get back together with his old friends in person, and Carell wholeheartedly agrees. Again, extremely wholesome content here.

As for the 15-minute YouTube video itself, it’s a pure delight. Krasinski recorded it from his own home, of course, complete with a Some Good News logo made by his daughters. Stories highlighted include appreciation for our healthcare workers during this global pandemic, a man mowing his neighbor’s lawn while he’s deployed overseas, and an incredibly emotional social distancing “welcome home” for a young girl named Coco who had just finished chemotherapy treatment. And for the grand finale, Krasinski interviews Coco herself.

It’s unclear how often these “Some Good News” videos will be released, but as Krasinski explains, the idea is to remind us that no matter how tough things get, “there is always good in the world.” That’s an extremely nice and extremely true message, and indeed, the world could use more “Some Good News.”

Watch the full episode below.


via Collider

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