‘Chrissy’s Court’ Trailer Reveals the Absurd Quibi Show!! Check It Out!!

Model, author, and Twitter favorite Chrissy Teigen is ready to rule over your petty grievances in the new trailer for Chrissy’s Court, coming in April to Quibi. The trailer features Teigen offering examples of the kinds of absurd disputes we can expect to see on the show, such as your roommate stealing your clothes and then selling them back to you.

It’s basically a comedic version of a small claims court show, such as Judge Judy or The People’s Court. Chrissy’s Court will feature real people with real disputes, with Teigen’s mother Vilailuck serving as her bailiff. The brief trailer doesn’t actually show us what the show will be like beyond establishing Teigen’s snarky tone, but with the show premiering in less than two weeks, we’ll see how the format works soon enough.

Folks, I gotta be honest – not even being trapped inside by a plague would make me want to watch this show. It looks pretty insufferable. That said, Teigen is undeniably charismatic, so maybe it’s just a bad trailer. She’s currently fielding questions on Twitter with the hashtag #ChrissysCourt, so if the trailer somehow does it for you, you can tweet your minor disputes and see how she rules on them. Watch the trailer below. Chrissy’s Court will be available on Quibi on launch day, April 6th.


via Collider

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