‘American Horror Story’ Season 10 Has Been Delayed!!

We’re going to have to wait even longer for American Horror Story Season 10 with news of a release date delay making the rounds on Tuesday afternoon. The new season of the Ryan Murphy FX horror anthology series is a biggie not only because it’s a milestone season, but because it marks the return of beloved cast members Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters, as well as the addition of Macaulay Culkin.

The Hollywood Reporter shared on Tuesday AHS Season 10 has been delayed to 2021. The news was confirmed ahead of corporate parent Disney’s virtual upfront presentation to ad buyers as FX shared its slate for next year. Although no specific reason was given for the delay, the implicit reason seems to be related to coronavirus-related production delays, similar to what is happening across the television and movie industries, respectively. It’s also unclear if AHS Season 10 will still aim for its traditional October/Halloween release date window, which has been the window for past seasons of the FX show.

For now, work on AHS Season 10 seems to be very much in pre-production mode. Recently, Murphy revealed the theme of the new season might change from what he called a “weather-dependent” theme. That theme was teased in a moody casting announcement video released back in February, which confirmed the addition of Culkin, the return of Paulson and Peters, and the casting of AHS regulars Kathy BatesLeslie GrossmanBillie LourdAngelica RossFinn WittrockAdina Porter, and Lily Rabe.

In addition to the AHS Season 10 delay news, it was announced the already-teased AHS spinoff series, American Horror Stories (don’t forget that plural!), was also greenlit. New details on the spinoff are scant. Previously, Murphy shared news of the spinoff on Instagram and shared with his followers the series would feature hour-long, contained episodes. This is all we know about the show at this point, and it’s unclear is anyone involved in AHS would appear in any way in this spinoff series.


via Collider

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