‘The Green Knight’: A24 Reveals Epic a Fantasy RPG Based on the Upcoming Film!!

Is A24 reading my mind and creating merchandise based on those thoughts? Because the hip studio just announced a fantasy roleplaying game based on the forthcoming David Lowery pic The Green Knight, and you know what? I. Need. This. Game. So. Bad.

The trailer for The Green Knight: A Fantasy Roleplaying Game is nothing short of epic. Filtered through a grain only see on those old VHS tapes collecting dust in your basement, the throwback trailer previews all the gaming fun you can have in the style of the upcoming A24 feature. Both the commercial and stills from the A24 shop reveal you and up to four other players can play as a noble, bard, sorcerer, knight, or hunter and play through the starter game, “A Quest for Honor.” The game is very much in the style of Dungeons & Dragons, with the quest tailored to the world of The Green Knight.

An epic reimagining of the classic Arthurian tale, what begins as a game will become an odyssey into the unknown to prove thy worth in the eyes of the Kingdom. From the hallowed halls of Camelot to the mysterious wilds of the fabled Green Chapel, embark on a mythical journey in search of the Green Knight. With Honor at stake, will you rise to meet the challenge?

Crown a Game Master, choose your character—Knight, Noble, Hunter, Sorcerer, or Bard—and test your Honor on a merciless quest. Every choice matters as you face deranged highwaymen, ghostly damsels, mystical creatures, and more. But be warned––The Green Knight’s challenge is not for the faint of heart. Prove yourself worthy… or off with thy head.

The Green Knight is Lowery’s twist on the Arthurian legend of Gawain (Dev Patel), a knight who must seek out and challenge that fable Green Knight (Ralph Ineson) as a test of his bravery. The Green Knight also stars Alicia VikanderJoel EdgertonSarita ChoudhuryKate Dickie, and Sean Harris. The fantasy feature was originally set to premiere at this year’s SXSW festival. However, The Green Knight‘s release has been delayed, along with SXSW.

The Green Knight: A Fantasy Roleplaying Game was created with the help of professional game master Timm Woods. Watch the nostalgic trailer for the Green Knight RPG below and, if you wanna scoop it up, order here.

Here’s an overview of what comes with The Green Knight: A Fantasy Roleplaying Game:


Image via A24

  • Game Master’s Guide (including Rules of Play, Official Encounters, and A24 Bonus Quests)
  • Map of the Realm
  • 5 Character Sheets
  • 20-sided die


via Collider

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