‘Green Lantern’: Ryan Reynolds Cuts 2011 DC Flop to Mere 30 Seconds!! Check It Out!!

2011’s disastrous superhero flop Green Lantern is in no way a good movie – just ask the film’s star, Ryan Reynolds. Today, the actor dropped a brand-new cut of the film, reducing its ponderous 2-hour runtime to an almost acceptable 30 seconds, highlighting only the most important plot points in rapid-fire succession. And it is hilarious.

“Here’s the secret Reynolds Cut of GL you all haven’t been waiting for,” he wrote in a tweet. “In order to make it as great as possible we made some judicious cuts.” The embedded video unfolds at blistering speed, beginning with the extremely scathing end credits sequence from Deadpool 2 in which Reynolds finishes reading a copy of the Green Lantern screenplay just before Deadpool (also Reynolds) appears behind him and blows his head off to prevent the movie from ever happening. The clip then blasts through all the major moments from Green Lantern with expert comedic timing, in particular the character’s clichéd tragic backstory. As far as I’m concerned, this version is now canon.

The almost-criminally affable Reynolds has been a good sport about the ill-received flick, in which he played the DC Comics superhero sporting a magic ring from space that can conjure anything he imagines. And although it probably wasn’t too funny at the time to have starred in a high-profile dud, he’s more than proved his bankability as a fun leading man in the years since then. You can watch the full clip (again, it’s only 30 seconds) in the tweet above.


via Collider

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