‘Who’s the Boss?’ Reboot in the Works!!!

In a season two episode of Community, Abed proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, who was the boss of classic TV sitcom Who’s the Boss? But now, we’re gonna have new entries in the canon to maybe mess Mr. Nadir’s conclusions up. Per Deadline, a Who’s the Boss? reboot is in the works — and it’s gonna be a straight up sequel series, with Tony Danza and Alyssa Milano returning to reprise their roles.

The original ABC sitcom, which ran for eight seasons and earned both an Emmy and Golden Globe, starred Danza as a former baseball player who takes his daughter Milano to small-town Connecticut to work as a live-in housekeeper for divorced advertising executive Judith Light and her son Danny Pintauro. Shenanigans, many of the “gently gender-role poking” kind, ensue. In this new series, in the works through Sony Pictures Television, Milano is now a single mother living in the same house the series was originally set in, her father Danza still around to offer his guidance, and bicker/grow about generational parental differences. Other original cast members Light and Pintauro are reportedly excited about the new series idea, and are in talks to participate in some way.

Check out Danza and Milano’s excited tweets about the news below.


via Collider

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