‘LA’s Finest’ Season 2 Gets a New Trailer and a Premiere Date!! Check It Out!!

LA’s Finest season 2 has landed a new premiere date and released a new trailer after its last-minute delay.

The second run of the Bad Boys spin-off series, starring Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba, was originally set for release on June 8, but streaming platform Spectrum decided to hold it back indefinitely following the recent protests over police brutality.

Now, the show has confirmed that all 13 episodes will be released on September 9. The series previously aired each installment on a weekly basis.

Spectrum has also revealed a brand new trailer for season 2, which you can watch above.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly back in April, Union and Alba teased what fans can expect from the second season.

“Luckily, by the time we started plotting the second season, we’d gotten some of the feedback from Spectrum viewers who had watched the show, and just kind of saw what they loved, some areas that we could improve,” said Union.

“And we just wanted to kick off season 2 with more: more comedy, more action, juicy mysteries to solve, up the ante on our crimes of the week, and really try to include the whole cast a little more in season 2 and give a little bit more of a backstory for the other characters.”

While plot details for the second season are still being kept under wraps, the official synopsis warns of a troubling task ahead for Syd (Union) and McKenna (Alba).

It reads: “Syd mourns the sudden loss of a friend and struggles to find answers, while McKenna must deal with the aftermath of Izzy’s kidnapping and the rift it has left in her marriage.

“But when a powerful crime wave in Koreatown threatens to destroy the community, Syd, McKenna and the team must find those responsible before it’s too late.”

LA’s Finest streams on Spectrum in the US.


via Digital Spy

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