‘Hotel Transylvania 4’: Jennifer Kluska and Derek Drymon Set to Direct!!

When we spoke to Genndy Tartakovsky, the genius director behind the first three Hotel Transylvania films, earlier this summer, he told us that he would be returning to Hotel Transylvania 4, this time as an executive producer. More details on the animated sequel have emerged, including an additional role for Tartakovsky, who is actually directing, and an upgraded position for Selena Gomez.

Variety is reporting that the new film will be directed by Jennifer Kluska and Derek Drymon, from a script by Tartakovsky. And Gomez will now be an executive producer, alongside her other duties voicing the franchise’s main character Mabel, the with-it daughter of Dracula (Adam Sandler). Things are shaping up nicely for the sequel, which currently has an August 6, 2021 release date (god willing).

Kluska has been a story artist on the latter two Hotel Transylvania entries and directed installments of the DC Super Hero Girls shorts. Drymon is an animation veteran who has worked on everything from the Disney Afternoon series Quack Pack and 90s animation staple Rocko’s Modern Life to things like Monsters vs. Aliens and Kung Fu Panda 3. They will be joined by executive producer Michelle Murdocca and producer Alice Dewey Goldstone. The franchise is in very good hands.

While the plot of Hotel Transylvania 4 is unknown, the franchise typically revolves around a hotel for monsters that includes Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster (Kevin James), the Invisible Man (David Spade), a werewolf (Steve Buscemi) and a mummy (Keegan-Michael Key). Andy Samberg plays the human who falls in love with Dracula’s daughter. The third (and arguably best) film loosened up the formula by having the monsters go on a cruise together. So who knows what the fourth installment has in store.


via Collider

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