‘F9: The Fast Saga’ Gets a New 2021 Release!!

Universal announced that the release of the highly-anticipated Fast & Furious sequel F9 is being delayed once again, this time to Memorial Day weekend 2021. The decision comes right on the heels of news that the upcoming James Bond film No Time to Die is getting pushed from this November to April 2, 2021, the same day F9 was previously scheduled to hit theaters. The shift makes total sense, as there’s barely enough room in one weekend for Vin Diesel, let alone Vin Diesel, the fambly, and an international super spy.

This should come as little surprise, after the tepid release of Christopher Nolan’s Tenet demonstrated that most audiences are still unwilling (or unable) to go to a crowded movie theater in the middle of a global pandemic. With surges in new cases making it extremely likely that we’re about to see more shutdowns before the end of the year, it’s best to just consider every single release date currently scheduled totally meaningless. The truth is, nobody has any idea when life is going to get anywhere near “back to normal,” and these dates are just going to keep getting pushed for the foreseeable future. I’m fully expecting to see the few remaining major films clinging to a 2020 theatrical release (like Dune and Wonder Woman 1984) get rescheduled within the coming weeks.

via Collider

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