‘The Gentlemen’: Guy Ritchie to Write and Direct TV Series Adaption!!

Guy Ritchie is set to write and direct a TV series based on this year’s hit crime comedy The Gentlemen that is in the works at Miramax’s TV division.

Matthew McConaughey starred as an American expat looking to sell the highly profitable marijuana empire he has grown in London, which brings out all kinds of criminals looking to take over his turf. Colin Farrell, Charlie Hunnam, Henry Golding and Hugh Grant co-starred in the film, which grossed more than $115 million at the worldwide box office back in January, prior to the start of the pandemic.

The Gentlemen was released in the U.S. by STX Entertainment, but it was produced by Miramax, whose TV boss Marc Helwig has a mandate to mine the company’s film library for IP that can be adapted for the small screen. In addition to writing and directing duties, Ritchie will also executive produce the show with Ivan Atkinson and Marn Davies, who also produced the feature with him.

I really liked The Gentlemen and thought it was Ritchie’s best movie in years, as it made me laugh and offered several clever surprises. In Deadline‘s scoop about the TV show, the site notes that The Gentlemen started out as a pitch for a TV series before it became a feature, thus bringing the project full circle.

Though I don’t expect anyone from the movie to appear on the show, it’d be great to see Farrell or Grant reprise their scene-stealing roles, as both actors were used quite effectively in comedic roles. I’d also recommend that Ritchie and Miramax hire the film’s music supervisor back, as I fell in love with David Rawling‘s “Cumberland Gap,” which played over its opening titles.

There have been plenty of movies based on TV shows, but lately, networks have been basing TV shows on movies, which is exactly what HBO and Adam McKay are doing with Parasite.


via Collider

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