‘Roadkill’ Trailer Sees Hugh Laurie as a Shady Politician!! Check It Out!!

There could be no better person to play a shady politician hiding behind a veneer of irrepressible charm in the new Masterpiece on PBS Roadkill than Hugh Laurie. The legendary Brit steps into the shoes of a politician whose personal life is slowly threatening to tear down his carefully-crafted public one in the forthcoming thriller. With recent hot streaks on shows like HBO’s Avenue 5 and Hulu’s Catch 22, Laurie seems to have chosen yet another prime project for his unique skill set as a performer.

The Roadkill trailer sees Laurie transform into Peter Laurence, a self-made man whose career in politics seems to be going very well and according to plan. But Peter’s life is about to get thrown more than a few big curveballs when the various skeletons in his closet threaten to come bursting out and wreck any chance of him rising higher in the political food chain. Soon, Peter is managing a variety of entanglements and lies in order to try and keep his life together, but disaster is always right around the corner.

Roadkill premieres on Masterpiece on PBS at 9/8c on Sunday, November 1. Watch the official trailer below.

Here’s the brief synopsis of Roadkill:

Ambition knows no bounds, nor does corruption in this political thriller starring Laurie as a scheming UK government minister. Scripted by two-time Academy Award nominee David Hare, Roadkill airs in four action-packed episodes and costars Helen McCrory (Peaky Blinders), Saskia Reeves (Us), Pip Torrens (The Crown), and Patricia Hodge (A Very English Scandal). Crime may not pay, but politics sure does.


via Collider

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