A ‘Flashdance’ TV Series Reboot is in the Works at Paramount+!!

CBS All Access is soon to be rebranded as Paramount+, and what better way to guide that rebranding into an ocean of success than a Flashdance reboot? The streamer has greenlit a TV series adaptation of the 1983 hit film, which made megastars out of Jennifer Beals, steel mills, and wide-necked sweaters.

As reported by THR, the series is being written by Tracy McMillan (Good Girls Revolt), with Angela Robinson (The L Word) serving as executive producer and directing the pilot episode. The plot of the original film followed an aspiring dancer named Alex, who dreams of becoming a ballerina while spending her days toiling away in a steel mill and her nights dancing in a burlesque show. The series will focus on a young Black woman yearning to become a professional ballet dancer while seeking out a living in a strip club.

Flashdance is a curious choice for the reboot treatment. The original movie was a surprise hit, receiving mostly negative reviews for its cliched plot and reliance on music video visuals. It’s also nearly 40 years old, having effectively faded from the zeitgeist outside of obtuse ironic references in things like Family Guy and Deadpool 2. The point being, Flashdance isn’t exactly a beloved franchise with a nostalgic fanbase eager for a fresh installment. That said, there’s always a need for more shows created by and starring women, and a modern take on the original film’s premise from a new perspective could be quite good. (The movie was written and directed by men and produced by high-octane uber-producers Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer, and it absolutely shows.)


via Collider

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