‘Small Dark Look’: Jason Statham to Star in Mob Movie; Originally ‘Eastern Promises 2’!!

Jason Statham is nearing a deal to star in Focus Features‘ crime thriller Small Dark Look, which used to be known as Body Cross, which was originally developed as Eastern Promises 2. Still with me? Cool.Martin Zandvliet (Land of Mine) has come aboard to direct the film, which like David Cronenberg‘s 2007 movie starring Viggo Mortensen, is said to involve the Russian mob. Eastern Promises scribe Steven Knight also wrote the script, though the studio is being careful not to call it a sequel.Statham hasn’t closed a deal for this crime drama just yet, but he’s been circling this project for more than a year, so even if his schedule is jam-packed, I have a feeling Focus would be willing to wait for him on this one. Statham is due to re-team with Guy Ritchie for an untitled thriller, and sequels to his recent hits The Meg and Hobbs & Shaw are strong possibilities as well, though the pandemic will obviously influence the actor’s shooting schedule as well as the decisions that studios are able to make.

Paul Webster is producing Small Dark Look, which is set in London despite involving the Russian mob. Zandvliet will replace Lady Macbeth filmmaker William Oldroyd, who was initially attached to direct.

You know who I could see starring opposite Statham in this film? Colin Farrell. They actually strike me as a well-paired duo. I know there are a few other tough guy roles in this movie, so I’m eager to see who joins the super-intense Statham, provided he closes his deal, of course. It’d also be cool to see Mortensen return to this world, even if it’s just for a cameo.

Statham will soon be seen in Ritchie‘s armored truck movie Wrath of Man alongside Josh Hartnett, Scott Eastwood, Jeffrey Donovan and Holt McCallany. And as for that untitled thriller he’ll be doing with Ritchie, it just picked up Aubrey Plaza today, who always makes for an interesting co-star, as seen in Happiest Season.


via Collider

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