‘Star Wars’: Kevin Feige’s Movie Lands ‘Rick and Morty’ Writer!!

We haven’t heard much in the way of details surrounding the new Star Wars feature from Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige. News of the project first broke in 2019, but at the recent Disney Investors Day extravaganza, there was no mention of the film (instead, it was revealed that Patty Jenkins would make Rogue Squadron and confirmed that Taika Waititi’s film was still in the works). Today, a key member of Feige’s Star Wars dream team has been revealed: Deadline exclusively reports that Michael Waldron will write the upcoming film. This is a part of a recent deal he signed with Disney.

Waldron has been working closely with Feige for the past few years, as he created Loki, the upcoming, time-twisty Marvel Studios television series centered around Tom Hiddleston’s iconic baddie that is set to debut this summer. Waldron also wrote the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Magic for director Sam Raimi, cracking the magical, mystical code after several writers had boarded and departed. Clearly, Feige gets along well with him and trusts him enough to help bring his Star Wars vision to life. The log line for Feige’s journey to a galaxy far, far away is being kept under closer wraps than the plans for the Death Star. But given Waldron’s penchant for high concept wackiness, it might be safe to assume this will be a Star Wars like no other.

Before joining the Disney ranks, Waldron was an Emmy-winning producer and writer on Rick and Morty. (He wrote the existential, toilet-centered episode about Rick slipping away to an uninhabited world to take a poo. It was oddly moving for a half-hour almost exclusively devoted to potty humor.) He also created and is executive producing a new Netflix wrestling drama called Heels.

Clearly Disney is happy with his work and this creative partnership will pay off for many years.


via Collider

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