‘Iron Mike’: Mike Tyson Limited Series in the Works at Hulu!!

Hulu has ordered an eight-episode limited series about Mike Tyson from the team behind I, Tonya, which earned a Golden Globe nomination for Best Picture.

Two-time Oscar nominee Margot Robbie will executive produce Iron Mike, which will explore the former heavyweight champion’s wild, tragic and controversial life and career. The hard-hitting boxer has already been the subject of multiple documentaries, including James Toback‘s acclaimed 2009 film Tyson.

Iron Mike hails from 20th Television and creator Steven Rogers, who wrote I, Tonya. He’ll executive produce alongside that film’s director, Craig Gillespie, as well as showrunner Karin Gist and Claire Brown of The Gist Of It.

Robbie will executive produce alongside her LuckyChap partners Tom Ackerley and Brett Hedblom, as well as Bryan Unkeless and Scott Morgan of Clubhouse Pictures, and Darin Friedman of Entertainment 360.

Hulu didn’t offer a timetable regarding production on Iron Mike, but I imagine the streamer will soon set out to cast Tyson, who is obviously one of the most polarizing figures in all of sports. While Tyson is considered one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time, he was convicted of rape in 1992 and sentenced to six years in prison, although he was released on parole after three years. In 1997, his rematch with Evander Holyfield ended abruptly when Tyson bit off a portion of his opponent’s right ear and was subsequently disqualified.

Tyson disgraced the sport of boxing that night, and he retired from the ring in 2006 following consecutive losses to a couple of journeymen fighters. He declared bankruptcy in 2003 despite having earned more than $300 million over the course of his career. He also appeared in movies such as The Hangover, Entourage, Rocky Balboa, Grudge Match, A Madea Family Funeral, Scary Movie V and Toback‘s Black & White.

There’s no question Tyson makes for a fascinating subject, seeing how well-suited his life is for the limited series treatment, but I can’t imagine it’ll be an easy role for Hulu to cast. Lots of people can do silly Tyson impressions, but few actors will be able to capture the man’s intensity. I wish everyone involved with Iron Mike the best of luck on that front, and as a former boxer myself (ha!), I’m definitely planning to watch this one.


via Collider

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