‘Transformers’: Nickelodeon Working on a New Animated Series!!

Nickelodeon has partnered with Hasbro’s Entertainment One banner to co-produce an original animated Transformers series based on the popular property.

Nickelodeon has ordered 26 half-hour episodes of the show, which is designed as an action-comedy series. It will follow a new species of Transformers who must find their place and purpose among Autobots and Decepticons, as well as the human family that adopts them.

Produced by Nickelodeon Animation Studio, the series was developed for television by Nick‘s Claudia Spinelli and Dana Vasquez-Eberhardt as well as Dale Malinowski, who will serve as a co-executive producer on the project. Ant Ward (Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and Nicole Dubuc (Transformers: Rescue Bots) will executive produce the series, which will premiere exclusively on Nickelodeon in the U.S. before rolling out internationally. Nick‘s Conrad Montgomery will oversee production for the network, while Mikiel Houser will oversee on behalf of eOne.

“As soon as I read the creative concept, which at its core is about family, I knew we absolutely had to tell this story with our good friends at eOne and Hasbro,” Nickelodeon Animation president Ramsey Naito said in a statement. “The series will tell a reimagined story featuring both original characters and fan-favorites for a whole new generation of kids and families.”

“We’re thrilled to be working with Nickelodeon to expand the Transformers animated universe and bring an all-new more than meets the eye story to life,” added eOne‘s Olivier Dumont. “This new series is a fresh creative take on the brand, which will excite longtime fans around the world and soon-to-be fans alike.”

Hasbro launched the Transformers brand in 1984 as a toy line and animated series. Its success led to an animated movie in 1986 and a series of live-action movies directed by Michael Bay, as well as another animated series with the imaginative title of Transformers: Animated that aired on Cartoon Network. The most recent entry in the blockbuster franchise was the well-received spinoff movie Bumblebee from director Travis Knight.

The new animated series is part of Nickelodeon’s strategy to court younger audiences, who have been flocking to youth programming on rising streamers such as Disney+ and Netflix. Nick‘s lineup of influential properties already includes SpongeBob SquarePantsPAW PatrolTeenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesBlue’s Clues & You!, the first-ever SpongeBob spinoff, Kamp Koral: SpongeBob’s Under Years, the all-new animated Star Trek: Prodigy series, and a recently announced partnership with The Smurfs.

Though my patience with Bay‘s Transformers movies ran out long ago, I remember liking the cartoon when I was a kid, and I imagine the youth of today will dig this new animated show. Just leave Skids and Mudflap on the sidelines, okay Nickelodeon?


via Collider

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