‘The Department of Truth: Image Conspiracy Comic is Getting a TV Series Adaption!!

James Tynion IV‘s newest thriller from Image ComicsThe Department of Truth, is currently in development as a television series.

Tynion, who currently writes Batman for DC Comics, will co-write the script for The Department of Truth. The comics are currently being considered for a series adaptation under the Sister production banner, which acquired both film and television rights to the series.

Written by Tynion and drawn by breakout artist Martin Simmonds, The Department of Truth #1 was first published in Sept. 2020Tynion and Simmonds will serve as executive producers for the screen adaptation, with Tynion co-writing the script. Another writer has yet to be selected.

The Department of Truth explores the power conspiracy theories hold in shaping our perceptions of reality and has been compared to stories like The X-Files and Men in Black. The comic follows former FBI agent Cole Turner who is recruited by a mysterious government branch that houses the secrets behind the most notorious conspiracies from the JFK assassination, to the Flat Earth Theory and, of course, Reptilian Shapeshifters.

The Department of Truth is available for purchase in stores and online at Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, ComiXology and Google Play.

via CBR

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