‘Attack the Block 2’: Joe Cornish and John Boyega are Working on a Potential Sequel!!

John Boyega, whose career took off in the wake of 2011’s genre favorite Attack the Block, has made no secret of the fact that he’d love to reprise the role of Moses at some point down the road, and indeed there have been rumblings about a hotly-anticipated sequel several times in recent years. What are the odds we’re actually getting one? Quite good, it seems.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Attack the Block director Joe Cornish once again touches upon the idea of a sequel, noting that he and Boyega are “working on” something.

We’re working on it at the moment,” Cornish tells EW. “John Boyega was round at my place a few weeks ago and we sat in the garden — socially distanced — talking about story ideas until it was so dark we couldn’t see each other. So, yeah, we’re working on that.”

Head over to EW to read the full interview with Cornish about Attack the Block‘s original screening at SXSW, and how the festival helped turn the film into a cult favorite.

A teen gang in South London defend their block from an alien invasion in the 2011 movie, which has built up a sizable following of fans who have long begged for a sequel.


via Bloody Disgusting

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