‘Headspace Guide to Sleep’: Netflix Wants to Teach You How to Sleep in a New Series!! Check It Out!!

If you’re having trouble sleeping, Netflix might soon have a solution (besides binging your favorite sitcom). In collaboration with Vox Media Studios and guided meditation company Headspace, Headspace Guide to Sleep is coming to the streaming service on April 28. A new trailer has offered a closer look at what that seven-part series might entail.The series is designed to address the myths and misconceptions around sleep and set the facts straight on how to sleep well. Ranging from how much sleep you really need to the efficacy of sleep aids, the trailer teases some of the key topics the series will touch on in each 15-minute episode. In keeping with Headspace’s branding, the trailer also emphasizes how mindfulness and meditation might be able to help.The second of a three-series deal, Headspace Guide to Sleep follows up Headspace Guide to Meditation, which premiered in January. Similar to that series, each episode of Headspace Guide to Sleep will offer science-based facts about its subject, before concluding with a guided wind-down. The third and final series is still unannounced, but Netflix has stated that it will be an “interactive experience.”

This type of wellness programming is a quiet, relatively uncelebrated corner of Netflix’s catalog, but it’s sure to find a grateful audience. A show questioning whether screens in bed are actually a good idea might seem detrimental to the streamer’s hold on audiences, but that emphasis on health over endless watching is a breath of fresh air. This probably won’t make anybody’s “best new shows on Netflix” list, but it might be a nice way to end a night of streaming.

All seven episodes of Headspace Guide to Sleep will be available on Netflix April 28. Check out the trailer and official synopsis below:

Learn all about sleep, your relationship with it, and how to build healthy habits for a more restful night in Headspace Guide to Sleep. Over the course of seven animated episodes, Headspace Director of Meditation and Mindfulness teacher, Eve Lewis Prieto, reveals the science behind a healthy night’s sleep and provides tips on how to get the best sleep you’ve ever had. Each fifteen minute episode explores a different aspect of our relationship with sleep—such as insomnia, stress, our phones, and even sleeping pills—followed by a guided wind down designed to help you on your journey to a better sleep.


via Collider

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