‘The Machine’: Mark Hamill Joins Bert Kreischer’s Comedy Bit’s Movie Adaption!!

Mark Hamill, our eternal Luke Skywalker, will co-star with Bert Kreischer in the movie adaptation of The Machine, a viral comedy bit supposedly inspired by Kreischer’s life. As Deadline reports, The Machine is set to be a genre-bending mix of comedy and buddy-action, and if you ever had the pleasure to watch the stand-up bit the movie’s about, you already know this is bound to be great.The Machine is a stand-up comedy sketch in which Kreischer talks about his experience in college learning Russian. With no intention of actually learning, Kreischer did a semester in Russia just to get an easy minor, but ended up joining the Russia mob by accident and coining the nickname “The Machine.” The 13-minute bit is hilarious and tells us in detail how a drunk young man can get into crime by accident, only by trying to party and have a good time. The best part is, even if the situation sounds absurd, Kreischer retells it in a way that makes it believable. After all, young people do get in more trouble than they can handle; it’s almost a rite of passage.The Machine, on film, will follow Kreischer’s story, making the comedian deal with the Russian mob 20 years after his drunk adventures. The mobsters he wronged in the past are back for vengeance and this will move the plot of the movie. How Hamill fits in this project? We have no idea, but the concept is so crazy that we just got to accept it and hope for the best.

Kreischer and Judi Marmel are producing the project, that’ll be developed by Legendary. Peter Atencio (Key & Peele, Keanu) is directing. The Machine is still in pre-production, with no set date to start shooting.

You can check the original stand-up bit The Machine right below:

via Collider

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