‘The Suicide Squad’: James Gunn Confirms Completion of Production!!

James Gunn has taken to Twitter to reveal that The Suicide Squad is already finished, includes VFX, sound and everything else that comes in post-production. Even with the film’s release still months away, according to Gunn, it seems like The Suicide Squad is ready to go.

Gunn’s tweet reads: “By the way – we completely finished the movie this week, VFX and all. Can’t wait for you all to see it.” With almost four more months until the movie’s official release, this is astonishing proof of efficiency from Gunn and the entire crew, especially because superhero movies usually take a long time to get ready in post-production, with all the CGI and special effects that need to be added.

According to Gunn, the early finish of The Suicide Squad happened because the crew didn’t need to re-shoot anything during post-production. As Gunn explains in the same thread: “we [The Suicide Squad’s crew] didn’t do a single shot of pickups or any post-production shooting. Outside of Chris Nolan, that almost never happens, if at all, on tentpole superhero films.”

To make the news even sweeter, it seems Gunn didn’t have to struggle with Warner executives during any step on the production, and we’ll really see the filmmaker’s vision for the DC’s villain team. As Gunn explains in the thread, the final cut is entirely his, “from start to finish.”

What else Gunn needs to do now that the movie is 100% finished? In the thread, the filmmakers tell us he’ll be “looking at marketing & toys, doing publicity & waiting for the world to heal just a little more so a larger number of people can see it safely in theaters, where it is intended to be seen.”

The red-band trailer of The Suicide Squad was the most-watched red band trailer ever in its first week, and there was no lack of hype around Gunn’s next movie. The Suicide Squad is scheduled for release in theaters and HBO Max on August 6. You can check the original Twitter thread below


via Collider

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